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  • Proprio da dentro ti voglio e il tuo interno desidero mentre ti guardo

    Self published
    From Paris to Thailand, and back to Milan, a travel diary powered by love and desire.

    Seduction of Photography

    Self Published
    Edition of 300 numbered and signed of which 20 collector edition containing a baryta print 24×16 cm size.
    Size: 19,7×26,2 cm
    Pages: 76
    Photographs: 27 (18 monochrome / 9 colour)
    Printed by: Nava – Milan
    Printing type: Indigo 7800 4+4 colour
    Paper type: Magno Natural 120g
    Binding type: Soft cover / Singer thread seam
    Design consultant: studiostudio
    Six “acts of seduction” reflecting on the power of Photography.

    Vasco Rossi Tabularasa

    With Efrem Raimondi
    Mondadori Press
    27 years, 200 photographs. The intimate and passionate portrait of the great Italian Rock Star.

    Il mio domani_My tomorrow

    With Gabriele Basilico
    Edited by Giovanna Calvenzi
    The photographs of locations and portraits of the troupe of the film “My tomorrow”.
    Directed by Marina Spada, with Claudia Gerini and Raffaele Pisu.

    Carta stampata_Printed paper

    Nepente Press/La Meridiana
    Edited by Giovanna Calvenzi
    Text by Paolo Pietroni, Bruna Rossi, Greg Pond, Giusi Ferrè, Maria Luisa Frisa, Filippo Maggia.
    A large volume collecting thirty years of photographs for magazines.

    Sguardi gardesani_Garda views

    With Vincenzo Castella
    Edited by Federico Motta
    The area of Riva del Garda explored in its most characteristic features.


    Edited by Filippo Maggia
    An intimate diary, a journey into self-awareness. Twenty years of inner photography.

    Chimica aperta_Chemical disclosed

    Leonardo Arte Press
    With Gabriele Basilico, Vincenzo Castella, Mimmo Jodice, Moreno Gentili.
    A survey of the Italian chemical industry, from environmental issues to human relations.

    I vignaioli storici_The historical winemakers

    Mediolanum Associate Press
    Umberto Veronelli press
    50 family portraits in rigorous black and white.