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  • Kids from Pioltello

    1974. A poor and dangerous dormitory suburb on the extreme outskirts of Milan. The portraits and exploits of a gang of kids living on the streets.

    Quarto Oggiaro: A youngster way of life.

    The life in the neighborhood among family conflicts, occasional work and leisure. Published in 1977 by the magazine Abitare.

    Gangs of Milan

    These photographs compare milanese gangs and various social groups. Shot for Amica magazine in 1985.

    Urban Cowboy

    A "Far West" dream comes true in this cinematic story shot for Max magazine in the tuscan countryside. (1987)

    Joselito va a los toros

    One of the greatest bullfighters of all time, Joselito, photographed in the steps of his intense journey to the arena. 1988/1989, for Gulliver magazine, Japan.

    The fast lane look

    The streets of New York and the portraits of its bicycle messengers. Shot in 1988 for Rockstar.

    Los Angeles women

    Hollywood. The Mecca of cinema told by women who dream of becoming great actresses one day. Sette magazine, 1988.

    Mutoid Waste Company

    The famous group of sculptors, musicians and performers photographed in their nomad camp on the outskirts of Rimini. Moda magazine, 1993.


    A link between Western Europe and the East, the city explored in its different identities. A monograph for DU Magazin, the prestigious Swiss cultural monthly. 1994

    Thermal baths of Vals

    Photographed in 1997 for Wallpaper, the thermal baths of Vals are a masterpiece of the Swiss architect Peter Zumthor.


    Shot in Valencia in 2004 for GQ Italia, this reportage illustrates one of the best shows of Cirque du Soleil.

    Nina Zilli live

    Singer Nina Zilli backstage and onstage at the Blue Note, Milan. (2012)

    The racetrack family

    From the "big boss" Ezpeleta to the simplest mechanic, a choral portrait of the members of the circus of MotoGP, the most prestigious motoring competition on two wheels. Riders, 2008-2011

    I love bikes

    A random selection of “portraits of motorbikes” made over the years for Riders magazine.

    Vita intima di Aprilia (Intimate life of the Aprilia factory)

    2017. An edgy glance at the Aprilia factory for GHOST magazine